Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much are your invitations?

It really depends on the type and quantity of the invitations
being order.  We have hundreds of invitations to
accommodate just about every budget.  Our prices are
extremely competitive with online sites and mail order
catalogs.  We are typically much cheaper than retail stores.  In
general, our invitations sell for 25% off of the retail price.  In
addition, we often offer an extra 10% discount.  
Contact us for
more information.

2. When Should I order my invitations?

You can order your invitations when you have all the
information needed to have the invitations printed (ex: time,
location of ceremony & reception).  You generally send your
invitations out 6 to 8 weeks  before your wedding so it would
really depend on how long it would take  you  to address and
stuff the invitations. Order the invitations when you feel  you
are ready. Normally it is four to five months ahead of the
wedding date.

3. How many invitations do I need?

Generally the quantity of invitations needed is half the number
of people plus an additional 25.  This all depends on how
many single invitations needed and if in fact you have a "B"
list.  It is better to have a few extras for last minute additions
and mistakes.  It is very costly to reorder an additional
quantity after the initial order is placed.

4. Where are you located?

Personal Touch Printing is located in Perry Hall, MD.  We
have a home office with over 50 catalogs.  Appointments are
required.  We also attend and hold several events throughout
the year.

5. Can I place an order online?

We believe that the best method of selecting invitations is
seeing and comparing actual sample invitations first hand.  
Our goal is to meet with each couple one on one.  However if
you have a particular invitation in mind, we would gladly give
you a quote.  
Contact us for more information.

6. How long does it take to receive my order?

You should allow for two full weeks from the time your order is
placed.  We can expedite some orders, but additional shipping
charges may apply.